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Kentcuky Jersey

Apparently, when Nike is designing their uniforms, they are lacking the quality control department. Just ask John Calipari and his stud of a freshman, John Wall, who, along with Patrick Patterson, Eric Bledsoe and DeMarcus Cousins, had their pictures taken for the cover of the upcoming March issue for Slam Magazine. The photo features the Wildcats in their new Nike uniforms. It’s a good looking picture, showcasing Calipari’s thoroughbreds.

One problem, however: “Kentucky” is spelled incorrectly on John Wall’s jersey — unless, of course, Nike is introducing a new method of spelling; one that features putting the letter “C” before the letter “U.” I suppose Nike could be trying to expand the “I” before “E” rule, or this could be an “on purpose” accident to test the observation powers of Kentucky fans.

Apparently, we passed with flying colors.

In other news, there are seven pages of discussion concerning Kentucky’s uniform change with over 300 comments between two primary threads. As a comparison, when Burnt Orange Nation revealed the new Texas Longhorns uniforms, also by Nike, there were a total of 29 comments.

Over at Shaggy Bevo, perhaps the primary forum for Texas fans, the new uniforms weren’t even discussed, at least not on the first two pages of their basketball section, which dates back to February 2.

Draw from that what you will.

H/t to Kentucky Sports Radio for the image.