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The Kansas/Missouri border war went down in Columbia last night and the game didn’t disappoint. Two halfway decent rivals went at it for two hours and when the dust settled, Mizzou came away with the win, one they certainly had to earn. At least twice in the second half, the Tigers faced double-digit deficits, and each time, they overcame them, which helped whip the Mizzou fans into a healthy frenzy. Needless to say, once the game was over, these same fans let their excitement boil over to the court — and this time, my cronies at STF approve.

It was one of those “classic” rival games, back and forth until the very end with both teams — especially Kansas — having opportunities to put the game away. Finally, it took a Zaire Taylor basket with about two seconds left to secure the win for Mike Anderson and company, although, it did not come easy. In the first half, the Tigers only scored 16 points, but were saved by their 46-point second stanza.

For Kansas, it was their first loss in Big 12 play, and it might be the only one the Jayhawks get until they travel to Norman to face Blake “I’ll Dunk All Over You” Griffin and the gang on February 23.