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Magnificent 12

Until the field is reduced to eight teams tonight, I figured I’d have a little fun with the 12 remaining while focusing on the teams that won last night. Xavier beat West Virginia, North Carolina rolled Washington State, Tennessee got waxed by Louisville (who is looking like the best team in the tournament right now), and UCLA almost gave one to Western Kentucky.

All in all, your standard night of college basketball tournament action.

As for tonight’s action, will Kansas handle Villanova? Can Davidson continue their Cinderella run against Wisconsin? Who ya got in Texas/Stanford? And finally, can Memphis get past Michigan State or will Izzo continue to show he’s one of the better tournament coaches going? Tonight’s line-up should make for some good times… although, I can understand With Leather’s disposition as well.

I will say I’m sorry to see West Virginia go. The Big Dance just seems better when Bob Huggins is around. Alas, he’s not:

Buh Bye