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The words “March” and “madness” conjure images of Mario Chalmers and Christian Laettner. Of court stormings and nail-biting small conference tournaments. The guys at Coke Zero want to embrace this passion and to do so, they launched a Taste the Madness promotion, which focuses on the one thing that helps make March so mad — the fans. The idea is to have various fans upload a video of the lengths they go through to support their team of choice. From here, judges at Coke Zero will select entries to appear during the National Championship Game telecast on April 6.

Interested parties can upload videos and photos of their fan madness over at the Taste the Madness site, which features a number of videos detailing certain traditions and superstitions involved with supporting a team. A lot of the videos feature different fans getting ready to support their team, while others show what certain home crowds do to maintain their “fan madness” stature. Considering how much fans are apart of the whole college athletic experience, videos like these give an entertaining insight showing just how far these fans will go to show their love.

The lead video features an Iowa State fan running to his front-row seat, something he apparently does on every home game. Do you run to your seat dressed in super hero costumes bearing your school’s colors? If so, don’t miss your chance to make an appearance in a Coke Zero commercial, one that will be shown during the final game of the Big Dance.