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Oh, the things an overall number one seed can inspire. Take this little ditty in the lead video. It was put together by a couple of Louisville Cardinals fans who are quite excited about the upcoming NCAA Tournament. So much so, they make fan songs with pop music lyrics to demonstrate their excitement and support. On the YouTube page, the song’s creation is credited to Phillip L. Fletcher and Rodney V. Noble Jr. Here’s an example of their lyrical genius, with the punctuation [sics] included:
Red Hot!

Red Hot!

give it all you got_

don’t be a flake_

hey, hey, hey

Incidentally, the song’s name is, of course, called Go Cards, Red Hot. If that doesn’t motivate and vault the Cardinals to a Final Four Shangri-La, maybe Pitino’s white suit can.

H/t to KSR for the find.