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Mark Gottfried

Just ask Mark Gottfried, formerly the head coach at Alabama. Gottfried was fired today after his team lost to Kentucky by 10 points on Saturday. Granted, the Kentucky loss wasn’t what got him fired, more like the straw that broke the camel’s back. Over at the TideFans message boards, the consensus seems to be one of relief. A few are more than happy to see Gottfried go, but the majority of the Tide fans seem to mimic this particular response:

Well…….beyond the question of whether it was the right thing to do, I will always respect Coach Gottfried for getting us out of the David Hobbs era. I will also always be appreciative of the time and effort he and his family gave to the University.

We have a habit, at times, to discard people who love the University, just for giving their best and failing. Coach Gottfried and Coach Shula both deserve some credit for standing up for their Alma Mater and giving it their very best.

Thanks Coach……and best of luck in the future!

As of now, it appears assistant coach Phillip Pearson will take over Coach Gottfried’s duties, although, no confirmation has been given by Alabama’s athletic department. Whatever the choice, it needs to be made quickly. The Crimson Tide travels to Fayetteville on the 29th to play Arkansas.

Not a lot of time to quibble on replacements. There are games to be played.

Apparently, Gottfried was not fired. He resigned. Gottfried will be replaced by assistant coach Philip Pearson, who will be there on an interim basis. The university also indicates they will begin searching for a new coach immediately.