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Bruce Pearl
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Obviously, being a single guy who happens to be the head coach of a hot basketball team has its advantages. Just ask Bruce Pearl — also apparently known as LL Bruce P — and these images found over at Vol Talk.

It’s not the first time Pearl has appeared with members of the fairer sex, although his latest honey is a little beyond the co-ed range. For what it’s worth, Pearl’s “catch” has a big rock on her left ring finger, meaning these pictures are probably as innocent as the HTML they appear in — although, it would remiss of me not to celebrate the hotness that is Bruce Pearl, even if it is misguided.

You know, just in case this is one of those “Bruce Pearl = Pimp of the Year” situations.

Bruce Pearl

Another thing about the subject in the images is she looks awfully familiar — almost like it’s someone I should recognize on a celebrity level. Who knows? Nevertheless, it’s good to see Pearl in full swing right as the college basketball season is getting ready to start.

It lets me know everything’s all right with the world.

Speaking of basketball season starting and Bruce Pearl, if you need Tennessee Volunteers tickets, you don’t have to look very far.