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There was so much happening this weekend, a lot of this type of stuff slipped through the cracks–at least for me, it did. What we have here is Kristof Ongenaet of Syracuse going up for a dunk against Louisville. Unfortunately for Ongenaet, he didn’t hang onto the rim long enough and wound up flat on his back. Oh, and Syracuse, after a grueling trek, lost to Louisville, helping the Cardinals get the top overall seed. For their efforts in the Big East Tournament, Syracuse was rewarded with a 3-seed in the South bracket. From where I’m sitting, if the Orange can replicate the effort given in their conference tournament, they shouldn’t have much of a problem getting to the Sweet 16.

In all likelihood, however, Blake Griffin will be there waiting on them. Hopefully, Ongenaet’s back is feeling OK by then, because I can’t imagine having Griffin beat on you for 40 minutes would be incredibly therapeutic.