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Following up on a post The Dagger made yesterday about Kentucky basketball players stomping the Louisville Cardinals center court logo, it seems the Wildcats players weren’t the only ones to get in on the fun. While John Calipari was a little disappointed his players took part in the stomping — “we do dumb things” — I have to think even he would’ve smiled at the young Wildcats fans doing the same.

I mean, you have to start them early, right?

Make sure you pay attention to the preamble for the lead video. It is truly awe-inspiring. Only in Kentucky would stomping on a rivals’ logo be equated to Biblical scripture.

In other news, considering all the stomping going on, not to mention Kentucky’s less-than-capacity crowd for last night’s game against UNC Asheville (Kentucky was making their yearly journey to Freedom Hall for one of their “home” games), it wouldn’t be surprising if this yearly journey — not including the actual game against the Cardinals — might be put on hold for a year or two.