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The preseason basketball polls hit the streets today — both AP and the ESPN Coaches’ Poll — and the Kansas Jayhawks are your consensus number one team in the land heading into the 2009/10 season. With good reason, too: Bill Self’s team is loaded with talent and experience. Expectations are obviously high in Lawrence, especially after last year’s unexpected success — Kansas finished one win away from returning to the Final Four. If they can stop fighting with the football team long enough to mesh as a team, the Jayhawks will be in a position for a great season.

Rounding out the ESPN’s top 10 are the following:

1. Kansas (27)
2. Michigan State (3)
3. Texas
4. North Carolina (1)
5. Kentucky
6. Villanova
7. Purdue
8. Duke
9. West Virginia
10. Butler

The AP’s top ten doesn’t look much different from ESPN’s

2.Michigan St
6.North Carolina
8.West Virginia

Perhaps the biggest surprise is Duke and West Virginia, although, there’s plenty of time to sort this mess out. And hey, having an actual tournament to decide who is the best in the land — a novel idea, I know — means these rankings aren’t the end all/be all, unlike, say, college football.