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Nike Hyper Elite

Nike is currently revolutionizing the way folks design team uniforms, at least in the sport of college basketball — or they are at least trying to. Teams like Syracuse, Kentucky, UConn, Duke and Texas have some pretty wild designs on the backs of their jerseys, something the lead image captures quite well. However, just because something looks good on a jersey doesn’t mean it will look good on a t-shirt.

Case-in-point: a Nike T for Kentucky, and the design was inspired by the Wildcat on the back of the Wildcats’ jerseys. See for yourself:

Nike Hyper Elite

Fortunately, or un, depending on the way you view Ed Hardy-inspired gear (I take this approach, personally), Kentucky is the only school “lucky” enough to have one of these shirt designs; although, if they sell well enough, I can imagine the aforementioned other Nike Elite schools getting something similar.

So yeah, if you are willing to jump all over the Ed Hardy/Christian Audigier style to support your team — and your team resides in Lexington, Kentucky — Nike’s heard your calling. Personally, if this were the Ball Don’t Lie blog, I’d give the design only one Muggsy Bogues. Memo to Nike: Just because you can DO something doesn’t mean you have to DO it.

I mean, it’s almost trashy enough to be a cross between an Ed Hardy and a Wolf’s Howl shirt. Is that necessarily the best thing, folks?