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It was a busy day for the Scheyer face in Blacksburg, VA, when Duke traveled — Scheyer too — to Virginia Tech, looking for another road win. The Blue Devils got the victory, 72-65, but it was not without some controversy. First, there was the elbow-to-the-throat incident that went uncalled or, apparently, unnoticed until the highlights started making the rounds. Then, with Duke up by three points with under 30 seconds to play, the traveling wizard who allows Duke players to blatantly walk with no repercussions showed his head again.

Jon Scheyer was the center of that attention, too.

That’s about six steps right there. In fact, it looked like Scheyer was doing the ‘Electric Slide’ instead of pivoting on his plant foot. If I’m not mistaken, there was a hop, a skip, and a jump during Scheyer’s travels. As indicated, Duke won the game, their fourth in a row. However, one has to wonder what might have happened if the correct call was made during Scheyer’s Travels. Down by three with the ball? I think most coaches with a team that’s fighting for their tournament lives would love a shot at such a scenario.

Unfortunately, another piss-poor interpretation of the traveling rule was on display. Perhaps it was to make up for the uncalled elbow to the face.