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Wall Hoe

The soon-to-be top three selection in the NBA Draft, and previous Kentucky Wildcat/Program Savior John Wall might be one of the most popular people in the state of Kentucky — if not all of amateur basketball. The natural evolution of such popularity is to open a Twitter profile allowing the people who love, idolize and devote themselves to anything John Wall-related an opportunity to get a little closer — and much to my enjoyment, Wall did just that, for some reason, however, he’s calling himself JimmyWa11. Now, replacing the letter “L” with ones is understandable, although, I’m not sure of the “Jimmy” significance.

Nevertheless, as the tweet/image leading this post shows, Wall is obviously an incredibly smooth talker. I don’t know, perhaps he’s trying out the Black Dynamite approach to women?

Granted, this could very easily be one of his friends and this is the way they banter back and forth. Admittedly, I have no clue. With that in mind, I’m having a hard time getting rid of the idea of seeing Wall walk up to one of his many basketball groupies and greeting them with such a line. Not only that, but the idea of that happening is, for some reason, pretty damn awesome. I’d love nothing more than to believe Wall deals with his harem in such a manner.

Is such an idea misogynistic? Perhaps? Funny as hell? To me, it is. And to you as well. Peons like us only wish we had the type of “mad game” Wall has, and not just on the court, either.

H/t to my man Jim for pointing this little gem out.