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Rick Stansbury

To say Sunday was a crappy day for Mississippi State head coach Rick Stansbury would be bordering on extreme understatement. Not only did his Bulldogs miss making the NCAA Tournament by .01 of a second — thanks to the big paws of DeMarcus Cousins — he also got absolutely smashed by John Wall during an attempt by Wall to deflect a long pass. Unfortunately for Stansbury, he wasn’t quite paying attention when Wall’s path led him directly into the shoulder of the Mississippi State coach.

The result: Stansbury got hammered like he was playing SEC Football.

While that’s not quite an insult-to-injury moment, you have to feel bad for Stansbury, considering the way his Sunday went. While there’s not much shame in an NIT bid, it’s certainly not where the Bulldogs expected to be when they opened the season.

Considering the way it started with the Renardo Sidney snafu, I suppose losing the way they did, coupled with the league’s Player of the Year running your over, was only fitting. And hell, if that sideline tackle didn’t give Stansbury nightmares, that crazy 3-pointer Wall hit in overtime probably did.