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After he bombed Tennessee into oblivion, I made the “Jodie Meeks is God” exclamation and after this weekend’s performance, it bears repeating — or at least a derivative thereof. While everybody is rightfully talking about the excellent weekends of Hasheem Thabeet and Blake Griffin, Meeks’ weekend accomplishments deserve mention as well. Andy Katz certainly thinks so. During Kentucky’s win over Arkansas, Meeks single-handedly carried his team to their seventh conference victory with 45 points and 7 rebounds.

It should also be noted Kentucky was without Meeks’ partner-in-crime, Patrick Patterson, who missed the game with a sprained ankle.

For the Kentucky guard, it was the third time he’s scored over 40 points this season. In fact, Meeks, has three of the five highest scoring games in college basketball this season.

Scoring Chart

Does this mean Meeks is elbowing a Thabeet or a Griffin out of the way when it comes to Player of the Year consideration? It’s doubtful the effect will be that wide, but Meeks certainly looks like he’s deserving of “All American” consideration. The words of Arkansas coach John Pelphrey help frame Meeks’ latest performance:

“(Jodie) Meeks had an awesome performance. He’s been good all season. We were just another defense left in his wake. He has an ability to almost see through you, to not pay attention to you and get shots off.”

It’s one thing to watch physical freaks like Thabeet and Griffin operate. They wow you with their athletic ability and the way they control the paint. Both are true, true specimens and high lottery picks whenever they decide to go play for David Stern. Meeks’ game is different because he’s the only legitimate perimeter player on the current Kentucky team. Sure, the presence of Patterson makes Meeks’ load a little lighter. The thing is, Patterson wasn’t playing against Arkansas.

Hence Katz’ selection of Meeks of Player of the Week in his “Weekly Watch” column.