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Jodie Meeks

There. I said it. Care to dispute my account? Care to dispute Meeks’ record-breaking 54-point outing against the Volunteers of Tennessee (on 22 shots, no less)? How about 10-15 from behind the arc (what 3-point line move)? I mean, it’s not often a scoring legend at Kentucky gets unseated, but the world watched last night as Meeks moved the once unmovable Dan Issel out of the top spot for most points in a game–a record that was set on February 7, 1970.

The performance was so otherworldly, people are running out of things to say about just how great Meeks was last night. Billy Gillispie tried to sum it up:

“Till he gets 60,” the UK coach said, “it’ll probably be at the top of the list. One of the most unbelievable individual achievements I’ve ever seen.”

And the way Meeks is capable of shooting the ball, you tend to think Gillispie was fairly serious when he mentioned 60 points. Pat Forde, ESPN’s noted SEC basketball watcher, was also in Meeks mode this morning, offered a similar take:

So when you break a Dan Issel scoring record, you have done something. When you do it on the road in front of 20,474 fans and the defending SEC champion, you have really done something. You have etched your name in Kentucky lore.

“To be in the same sentence as guys like Dan Issel and other Kentucky legends, it means a lot,” the muscular, 6-foot-4 guard said. “It’s kind of mind-boggling to me.”

Consider everyone’s mind boggled, Jodie.

Over at ASeaOfBlue, Truzenzuzex captured the mood of the night with this nifty headline: Jodie Meeks 54, Tennessee 72 (Oh, yeah, the rest of UK had 36)

There’s also some video of the greatness that is Jodie Meeks:

They say God has a healing touch, but is his jump shot as pretty as Meeks’? As for the healing part, I think Meeks’ performance needs to be shown to the terminal ill in Kentucky. There could be some rejuvenation qualities that just might be able to heal the world:

It’s not snake oil. It’s the sweat of Jodie Meeks, a basketball God among men.