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Jim Boeheim

Jim Boeheim’s Syracuse Orange got in the orgy of college basketball yesterday, and while they came away with a win over the Detroit Titans (previously, Detroit Mercy), 66-55, the head coach wasn’t very impressed with the shooting prowess of his team, and, well, not much else either. Judging by various reports, Boeheim had reason to feel the way he did. The Orange played a lackluster first half and were down three at the break. Yes, they turned it on the second half, scoring 41 points, but it certainly wasn’t good offensive basketball.

The subject of his ire, besides his team’s overall play, specifically targets the shooters he’s supposed to have on his roster:

“Everyone told me what great shooters we have? Well, the two great shooters are 2 for 22. Will you please explain to me how they’re great shooters? And I don’t want to hear, ‘Well, they make them in practice.’ I make them in practice. If no one guards me, I can make them.”

H/t to The Dagger for the transcription.

Boeheim went on to discuss how his Orange essentially dodged a bullet, but if they continue to play/shoot like this, they’ll eventually play a team that makes shots — unlike the Titans, who shot 35 percent from the field, 25 percent from downtown and an ugly 58 percent at the free throw line (amazingly, the Orange shot worse from behind the arc and from the free throw line, 23 and 52 percent, respectively) — and Syracuse will lose.

And these are the joys of November basketball. The overall product hurts as teams find their way/groove/what have you, and after less than a month (or right at) of organized practice before the games start, it’s pretty easy to see why.