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Evan Turner

Whether Evan Turner was dunking his head off, or beating Michigan with 1/4-court last second shots, or recovering from an early-season broken back to lead Ohio State to the Big Ten title, one thing’s pretty clear: While a lot of people were busy doing the John Wall Dance, college basketball was moving the sounds of Evan Turner and his successful Player of the Year campaign. For his efforts, Turner averaged 20 points, a hair under six assists and almost 10 rebounds a game, all while being Thad Matta’s primary playmaker for the Buckeyes’ offensive possessions.

Keep in mind that, as the primary ball-handler, Turner’s height is listed as 6-7.

Sounds like someone’s been attending “The Scottie Pippen School of Effective Basketball,” because the Villain’s game is awfully similar. Of course, playing along side a Michael Jordan only helped make Pippen greater, and it’s doubtful Turner will get to be paired with such an awesome basketball specimen, unless the Cleveland Cavaliers or the Miami Heat somehow wind up with a top three pick in the NBA draft.

Turner’s Player of the Year award was won in a landslide fashion. While John Wall was considered to be Turner’s primary competition, when the final voting was tallied, Turner received 54 votes (out of 65) to Wall’s nine. Of course, Wall is poised to be the overall top draft pick, so I think he’ll be OK with not winning the award.

Here’s Turner’s awesome shot against Michigan in the Big Ten Tournament. Maybe next time, trying to get the ball out his hands might be a better strategy.

/Just sayin’

Turner dunking on Robbie Hummel (because we love dunks so much):

And last, but certainly not least, a “Turner for PoY” video recapping his standout season:

And that, folks, is how we wound up with Turner winning the “Best College Basketball Player in the Land” award, something that’s awfully clear-cut, no matter how great of a season John Wall had.