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Micheal BeasleyWhen Kevin Durant won last year’s NCAA Player of the Year award, it was the first time ever a freshman had done so. Now, it looks like a freshman might win the award in back-to-back fashion as Kansas State’s Michael Beasley EASILY looks like the best player in college basketball and after last night’s 84-75 win over rival Kansas, these thoughts have only been solidified.

Not only did K-State’s epic win put Beasley at the forefront for accolades, more importantly, it ended one of the oddest streaks going in sports. You see, the Wildcats haven’t beaten Kansas in Manhattan in 24 years.

Now, K-State has beaten the Jayhawks in this time period, just not on their home court. Now the streak’s over and guess what, the Wildcats fans were simply ecstatic; much like you’d be if your team just broke an incredibly weird losing streak.

Leading the way for the Wildcats was, of course, Mr. Everything, Michael Beasley. Stifled by a collapsing defense, Beasley took his game to the perimeter and finished with 25 points while going 4-4 from the 3-point line. The next Player of the Year was backed by Bill Walker’s 22 points and Jacob Pullen’s 20.

These three gave the Wildcats the scoring punch necessary to beat Kansas, a team that seems to have “Final Four” written on it… as long as they don’t have to play K-State. ;)

Because the streak had grown so far out of proportion, obviously, much was made about it being snapped. And rightfully so. A victory like this deserves to be acknowledged, as K-State coach Frank Martin did with his post-game comments:

“That’s a question that Brad Underwood needs to answer, because he was a player here when that streak started in 1984. I’ve been here for two years and obviously that is something very important to the incredible people of Kansas State. For us to be able to provide relief from that streak to our people of Kansas State, I’m proud of our guys for doing that.

For me, I was just happy to be able to beat these guys. Last year we lost to them three times, and not being able to beat them kept us out of the NCAA Tournament. I’m happy that we got number five out of the way, and now we have to start preparing for number six.”

Congratulations K-Staters, you deserve to celebrate… and look, no reports of Manhattan, KS burning to the ground, which is really kind of surprising.