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Cal Wins

Cal shocks Wazzu in Washington – No one, except for the west coast, pays attention to Pac-10 basketball until the tournament starts and considering the time difference (later games, of course), it’s relatively understandable. But with three teams in the Top-25, it’s hard to deny there’s quality basketball in the west. So it was kind of surprising when the then 11-7 Cal Bears went into 9th-ranked Washington State’s home arena and beat them, 69-64.

Led by Ryan Anderson’s 27 points, the Bears gave WSU their first home loss of the season. Wazzu now stands at 17-3 while the Bears improved to 12-7.

Wisconsin Smacks Indiana – The Big Ten is starting to heat up, as evidenced by last night’s Badgers victory over the Hoosiers, 63-49. Powered by some great defense and Marcus Landry’s double-double, the Badgers proved the Big 10 has not been decided. For the Hoosiers, it was their second loss in as many games, a fact some attribute to their schedule now getting tougher.

Wisconsin’s victory indicates the battle for the Big 10 is going to down to the wire as they stand at 7-1. But they are not alone. IU, Michigan State, Purdue, and Ohio State all have their sights set on the Big 10 title and all are well within striking distance.

As we get further and further into February, conference play heats up exponentially; so much so that teams can’t afford to take nights off, or have a bad second half for that matter, and expect to win. There are a lot of hungry teams in these mega-conferences and every night, a different challenge arises. Can teams like the Badgers and Bears ride victories like this to a substantial post season?

Well, unlike college football, we’ll have a chance to see if they can or not… because, you know, college basketball is decided on the court and not by computers or cubicle-bound voters.