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Lots of upsets this past weekend, but none were bigger than Tennessee’s victory over Memphis—on the Tigers’ home court—as the top two teams in the country faced off on ESPN’s prime-time game. Needless to say, the Volunteer faithful were in the celebration mood.

First time number one rankings have a way of causing these types of reactions.

However, the Tennessee/Memphis game was not the only upset of note from this past weekend. Kansas lost to Oklahoma State, a team that’s been fighting to get over the .500 mark. It was Kansas’ third loss of the season, all away games. In other Big 12 upset news, Nebraska beat Texas A&M, who was ranked 22nd at the time of the game.

However, the Big 12 upset bug didn’t stop there. In spite of 44 points from Michael Beasley and 31 more from Bill Walker, Kansas State lost to Baylor. However, in this situation, Baylor and K-State appeared to be evenly matched… well, all except for the Beasley factor. Not many players in America compare to his skill-set.

It’s weekends like these that remind us why we love college basketball so much. Conference road games are never easy… and neither is playing the number two team in the country… especially when you are ranked first.

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