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Well, the Intentional Foul Bracket Challenge has come to a close and guess what???? We have a WINNA!!! His name is N8Dogg, because, you know, 2-1-3 will regulate (if your ass is a buster, that is). Anyway, his email is hidden so if anyone knows who how to contact him, please let him know he’s now eligible for a free case of beer, courtesy of the Intentional Foul crew.

If he doesn’t collect, the next in line is Jake and I know where he is, so rewarding him won’t be a problem. Here are the final standings:

1. The Score – N8Dogg: 159 – 45 of 63
2. Jake D – Jacob D: 137 – 46 of 63
3. Dani’s bracket – daniellegowing: 136 – 44 of 63
4. I Like Free Beer – Jeff: 130 – 41 of 63
5. Where’s James Madison? – Ryan: 125 – 40 of 63

Thanks to everybody that participated and we’ll certainly be doing this again — maybe with the NBA Playoffs. We’ll see. Congratulations to the winners. I guess the key this year was to NOT pick any upsets… Unless you banked on Western Kentucky or San Diego.