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Nazr MohammedThat’s right folks. We here at Intentional Foul would be remiss if we didn’t start a Tournament Challenge as well. We aren’t remiss.

Because of the last-minute thing, we’ve decided to use Yahoo’s service to provide our Bracket Challenge, so head on over and join in the March Madness fun, Intentional Foul-style. Our league ID 115876 and the PW is letmein.

And guess what else? We have prizes!

The winner of our Bracket Challenge gets a case of beer (with link of said case… 12 oz size, please) — in the form of a PayPal deposit for the cost of a case of your choice; if you are under 21, we’ll limit the deposit to the cost of a case of soft drinks.

Also, if you have a blog, we’ll do a write-up/feature extolling the virtues of your work and winner-picking skills.

So if you aren’t already bracketed out and you want some free beer (or soft drinks) in April, join up and see if you can pick em. Again our league information is:

ID = 115876
PW = letmein

We look forward to kicking your collective ass. ;) Oh yeah, let me know if you have any problems accessing the group.