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Well, the Sweet Sixteen is set (I like WithLeather’s bracket a lot more than the standard inverted pyramid) and I hope your brackets are doing alright. I must be the only person in America to only miss two total picks in the East and South regions… and still be close to the bottom of a “league,” rankings-wise. I guess that’s what I get for completely beefing the Midwest and West brackets.

Anyway, here’s the top 10 standing for the Intentional Foul bracket challenge, complete with total points and total possible points and their selected National Champion:

1. Louie’s Sweaters (David Utter) – 51 out of 163 – North Carolina
2. Dave’s picks (dbrait2000) – 48 out of 144 – No National Champion selected
3. jankees suck (Matthew Liddell) – 48 out of 112 – Connecticut
4. Mr. Hand’s… (Chris Canjar) – 48 out of 104 – Pittsburgh
5. DCScrap (Doug Shecker) – 47 out of 171 – North Carolina
6. RussellHIFoul (Russ Hailwood) – 47 out of 143 – Kansas
7. RCS – Gut Picks (Robbie Gillies) – 45 out of 165 – North Carolina
8. Duff4 (duffke) – 45 out of 165 – North Carolina
9. Cleveland Steamers (Chad C) – 45 out of 165 – UCLA
10. Jake D (Jake Dubin) – 45 out of 165 – Kansas

As you can see, there are a great deal of tied scores going on here; something that should be cleared up by next Sunday… Although, I feel for dbrait. He’s in a position to win but forgot to select a National Champion. As for me, well, I’m 24th out of the 35. With a South and East region that’s almost perfect.

Maybe next time I’ll pay more attention to the West and Midwest because I want free beer too.

In all fairness, we should probably show the last place entry as well: In 35th place we have Yeah Right, who scored a whopping 11 points in the first two rounds. I’m thinking he didn’t care where he ended up either.

He has Kentucky as the National Champion. ;)