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Kelvin SampsonI guess he needed help on his phone bills… (rimshot) Anyway, Whitlock has an interesting take on the whole affair and he almost sticks up for Sampson in the process:

Many of the rules are stupid. Restricting coaches to one phone call a week is pretty stupid. Some of the kids they recruit lack solid adult supervision. We want coaches to be father figures to the kids they recruit, but we severely limit how much access we allow the coach to have with his players and potential players.

One of Sampson’s 2008 recruits got in big trouble with law enforcement. That kid would’ve been better served chit-chatting with Sampson and IU’s assistant coaches.

Hey IU fans, at least your coach wasn’t connected to a Emery Air package that just so happened to break open, revealing $1000 for the family of Chris Mills. If phone calls were the worst thing Sampson did, I’m not sure the “cheater” tag fits.