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Now this is the kind of press release I can get behind. The mega-popular March Madness On Demand from CBS has been a huge hit. Of course, being one of the first of the major networks to embrace sports broadcasting over the Internet in such a manner has its rewards, even if they are limited to gushing posts like this one. Thankfully, instead of scrapping the service faster than Pay-Per-View for the Olympics, CBS has continued to refine the service, as well as the player they will be using.

Here are some of the improvements:

- Viewers will have a choice between standard and high definition broadcasts. Plan your bandwidth allocation appropriately.

- Users will be able to view statistical overlays, meaning they won’t have to leave the page to find out who’s leading the tournament in scoring.

- Improved “Boss Button.” Thanks to services like MMOD, Boss Buttons have been the source of some frivolity. Consider the Windows 7 layout of the Olympics player. It’s fine if your company has migrated over to Microsoft’s latest OS. If not, I guess you can fake it and say that’s your new Windows XP theme.

In fact, CBS’ new-look “Boss Button” screen will be revealed on Selection Sunday. It’s that serious.

- The new-look player will launch on March 10, featuring highlights from past tournaments.

In case you aren’t sure how to get your browser to CBS’ MMOD player, here’s the link.

In other news, how many of you realize this is the last week of college basketball’s regular season? I believe the term “time flies” is appropriate here.