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Billy Gillispie

All those rumblings about Billy Gillispie’s tenure at the University of Kentucky came true today as Gillispie was let go — apparently, it wasn’t mutual — after two rocky years in the Commonwealth. While some will want to focus on the apparent inability to satisfy the Kentucky fanbase, the decision, provided you read between the lines, came down to more than just wins and losses. A quote from Orestes Meeks, father of Jodie Meeks, reveals not everything was peaches and cream in the Wildcats locker room:

“You don’t want to throw gasoline on the flames, but, clearly, a lot of things happened behind the scenes that made it difficult for the kids to play basketball and focus on winning,” the elder Meeks said.

That’s not the most ringing endorsement I’ve ever heard. As of now, speculation centers on Billy Donovan taking Gillispie’s place, although, nothing has been confirmed.

If you want to have some real fun, there are over 20000 posters at the Catspause forums discussing this very subject. The conversation runs the gamut from “Blame Tubby” to “Thank God he’s gone.” Good times for all involved.

Concerning the Gillispie decision, the university has scheduled a press conference in about 30 minutes.