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Gilbert Brown

While most of the sports blogosphere is focusing on the talented blind girl playing the cowbell at the Boise State/TCU letdown bowl game, it was Gilbert Brown’s filthy baseline dunk over any Cincinnati Bearcat that dared oppose him that stole play of the night for me. Yes, the College of Charleston upset of North Carolina is more memorable, but road wins in the Big East conference come at a premium, and for the Panthers of Pittsburgh to travel to Ohio and come away with a 74-71 win after playing in a tough environment is every bit as impressive.

It may not be as sexy as seeing North Carolina get upset, but odds are, Pitt’s win will be considered more valuable when it comes time to seeding the NCAA Tournament in March. Which brings up back to a full circle situation, because it was Brown’s play that helped seal the win for Jamie Dixon’s squad. After sitting out the first 11 games due to an academic suspension, Brown has returned to the lineup, and against the Bearcats, he played his best game since the suspension ended.

Brown finished with 17 big points, 13 of which came in the second half. Oh, and a dunk that might go down as one of the best in Big East conference play this season. There’s video of the dunk; unfortunately, however, it was filmed with one of those new Droid phones, so the resolution isn’t the best. Nevertheless, you’ll get the idea:

And with that, it’s pretty safe to say conference basketball is upon us. Enjoy the grind leading up to March Madness, because it will get here quicker than you expect.