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Say what you will about the Duke Blue Devils and vicariously, Gerald Henderson. While Coach K may not have the most liked team in America, they do pile up the wins; during the regular season, at least. The Blue Devils usually feature a talented guard/wing player and this year, said honor falls to Gerald Henderson. Henderson saved the Blue Devils’ bacon last night after a subpar first half that saw Duke trailing when they went back to the locker rooms. In the second half, it was all Henderson as he scored 17 of his 21 points, leading the Blue Devils to a 4-0 start in ACC play.

During his second half explosion, Henderson punctuated his play with a nasty, nasty dunk (at around the 1:15 mark in the lead video) as Duke dispatched the visiting NC State Wolfpack. The question facing the Blue Devils as we get closer and closer to February (which then leads to March) is can they avoid another late season swoon? For the last two seasons, the Blue Devils have started their regular season campaign like gangbusters, only to see those efforts come up empty in the tournament.

For the past two seasons, the Blue Devils have been eliminated from the Big Dance before making the Sweet 16, something Coach K hadn’t missed since the 1996-97 season. If they do get past the first weekend of the tournament, Gerald Henderson is probably going to be the one to lead them there.