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Free Enes

In case you might’ve missed it, there’s a nice, little movement going on at the University of Kentucky for potential player, Enes Kanter, a freshman center from Turkey. Because of some questions about Kanter’s amateur status, he hasn’t been cleared by the NCAA to play yet, which, in turn, has sparked the “FREE ENES” movement, something I’m proudly apart of.

That being said, I didn’t expect to see a “FREE ENES” sign on Saturday when College GameDay was being hosted in Columbia, Missouri for the Mizzou/OU game (nice win, Tigers). KSR noticed it, as well, and they were just as excited.

So what does all this mean, besides the fact there are some outspoken UK fans in Columbia, Missouri? Not sure, but whatever the case may be, selfishly, I enjoy seeing UK propaganda at other sporting events, especially ones that have nothing to do with the idea being promoted. Is it obnoxious? Absolutely, but that doesn’t make me love it any less. Who knows, maybe a member of the NCAA saw the sign, too, and allowed his/her heart to grow three sizes, all in the name of freeing Enes.

One can hope, anyway.

H/t to 30fps (of course) for the image.