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Frank Martin

You have to love Kansas State coach Frank Martin. He’s surely taken the lead for most demonstrative coach in college basketball. Of course, if your coaching in the NCAA Tournament, and your game featuring double overtimes and Jordan Crawford making shots from anywhere in the gym, your blood pressure would probably rise as well. In order to intensify the pressure, try watching your team give up a double-digit first half lead before the first half is over. It might inspire this kind of locker room reaction:

Not only selfish, mind you, but selfish and silly. Apparently, Martin’s message sunk in, although, it took surviving poorly-timed fouls, and an outside bombing run from Jordan Crawford before Jacob Pullen hit two second overtime bombs of his own to preserve the Kansas State win. After the game, Kansas State fans headed down to Aggieville to celebrate their good fortune. A tame time was had by all, from the looks of it.

In fact, that looks like the most organized victory celebration I’ve ever seen. Memo to K-State fans: If you team makes it to the Final Four, something Butler has other ideas on, you need to step it up. It’s not a true victory celebration until the parked cars get flipped over.