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Way, way back in January, Baylor beat Texas A&M in a five-overtime classic that, much like Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-point game, no one saw… at least not on TV, anyway. In today’s era, not having television coverage for teams from a power conference like the Big-12 is pretty unheard of. Well, just in time for the rematch game, taking place tonight, ESPN has done something that actually benefits the sports fan in all of us:

They’ve managed to piece together footage from January’s basketball marathon and are planning on airing it today at 6pm Eastern. The Baylor Bears site has more:

ESPN Classic created the production from three video sources (center court jumbotron camera and cameras underneath each basket) and the Texas Aggie Radio Network call of the game. ESPN Classic added graphics and replays.

With all of those various edits necessary to piece the game back together, it should make for an interesting telecast. It’s nice to see ESPN Classic used for something other than showing SportsCentury reruns. Here are some of the highlights from the game. I imagine the restored version will be much like this.