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Isiah Thomas

The ink hasn’t even dried on the Florida International/Isiah Thomas partnership and some Internet entrepreneur is getting the fun started early with “Fire Isiah” t-shirts. It helps (or doesn’t, depending on your point of view about the hiring) that Florida International’s abbreviation plays into the whole Fire Isiah “movement” that will undoubtedly hover over Thomas as long as he remains employed.

Fire Isiah

Although, if he makes get the Panthers into some postseason activity, his employers won’t care what the outside thinks of their coach — even with damning documentation like this. A couple of highlights from Thomas’ post-playing career, save his semi-successful stint with the Indiana Pacers (131-115, three playoff appearances):

- Bankrupt the CBA
- That Knicks lawsuit/harassment excitement
- Endless love between Thomas and Stephon Marbury
- Whatever the hell happened with the overdose incident

This is the man Florida International wants to supervise and lead their student-athletes.

Who knows? Maybe Zeke will channel his National Championship acumen from his days playing for Bobby Knight. Better yet, maybe Knight will take a position on Thomas’ coaching staff. Now wouldn’t that just be the keenest thing ever?

Thanks to the observant eye of Darren Rovell for the t-shirt find.