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Billy Gillispie

In all likelihood, this issue will be resolved tomorrow, one way or another — but if you are like me and like reading all the speculative posts and forum threads, this latest one might just reveal what apparently so many already know. What we have is an apparent email response from Billy Gillispie that a number of Kentucky fans say they’ve received. Like I said, if the email is legit, the content reveals a coach in process of moving on:

“Thank you very much for taking the time to voice your support for me! I’ve never concerned myself with myself, only sometimes worry about my players, assistant coaches and their families. We spend all of our time thinking of how to help others and working and no time in worry about things beyond our control. I have a very strong belief in how to go about living life and coaching basketball – a belief that has been based on strong and sound fundamentals.

I’ve received more blessings than most people could ever receive in an entire lifetime. I believe in seeing the glass is half full rather than half empty and will continue to do so. Don’t worry about me, just keep supporting Kentucky Basketball!


P.S. Not many have ever gotten me down, none have ever kept me down and I’m not about to start letting that happen now!”

The “BCG” signature throws me off; although, Gillispie is referred to by his initials by a lot people, so maybe he uses them as well. As indicated, a number of Catspause posters state they’ve received and/or read the same thing — that, however, does not mean the blockquote above is authentic. Nevertheless, the theme of the message sounds a lot like a “thank you and goodbye.”

Tomorrow, if you believe the tea leaves, will tell the tale.