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Edwin Ubiles

You might want to get used to the name of “Edwin Ubiles” because in about a week, you’ll be seeing a lot of him — for at least one game — when Ubiles and the rest of the Siena Saints get their March Madness journey started. Siena recorded their third straight NCAA Tournament birth by beating the Fairfield Stags in overtime, 72-65. The reason I’m focusing on Ubiles is because of his awesome 27-point (2-2 from behind the arc), seven-rebound performance, which powered the Saints to another Big Dance.

Not only did Ubiles stuff the stat sheet, he also provided a nifty 360 breakaway dunk that even caught SportCenter’s attention. There’s also a fan video of Ubiles’ nasty flush, courtesy of the Siena Saints blog.

Dunking in a game is one thing, but doing a 360 dunk during a run-out is something else. Most players simply jam the ball home to ensure the two points. Not Ubiles. Instead, he decided to add some additional flair to his breakaway, and he did so most triumphantly.

Not only was Ubiles’ finish one of the highlights of the night, Siena’s fans got in on the fun as well, much to the chagrin of the MAAC.

Watching the on-court security fail so miserably when trying to prevent students from joining the post-game fun is worth the price of admission. Perhaps next time, they should try some harsh language. Surely that would work better than saying “hey, stop.”

As for Siena’s tournament hopes, Joe Lunardi currently has them as a 12-seed, meaning they are just the type of team to pull off one of those 12-seed-beats-a-5-seed upsets we hear so much about. With a player like Ubiles leading the way, if Siena’s first-round opponent doesn’t come to play, the Saints could find themselves trying on Cinderella’s slipper. For their efforts, the Saint finished their regular season with a 17-1 MAAC record, while going 27-6 overall.

In other words, whoever plays Siena next week had better be on their game, lest they want a 360 Ubiles dunk thrown down on their heads.