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While everyone else is celebrating Stephen Curry (rightfully so), I thought I’d focus on the multiple-game dunking display we were privy to, because unlike Thursday, last night we saw a number of monster jams, punctuating some impressive performances.

Joey Dorsey and Derrick Rose both provided incredibly explosive buckets, as well as Brandon Rush, Darrell Arthur and Damion James — the latter, courtesy of a brilliant D.J. Augustin feed.

This brings up a point: with everyone talking about Tyler “The Hardest Working Player in Sports” Hansbrough and Michael Beasley when it comes to National Player of Year award and I can’t help but wonder why Augustin isn’t getting the same type of love.

Oh well. Another conversation for another time, I guess. As for Robin Lopez… well, there’s always Michelle Wie.

Next up, the Kansas Jayhawks decided they wanted to join the dunking fun too. I, for on, am glad they did. We’ll start with Brandon Rush’s great alley-opp, courtesy of a great catch after the pass hit the backboard.

Not your normal alley-opp catch-and-finish, to be sure.

Darrell Arthur announces his presence in loud and boisterous manner. Gus Johnson announced it too.

I know it’s be said many times, many ways but damn, I just love me some Gus.

OK, we are going to end this little ditty with the Memphis Tigers slam dunk invitational. Apparently, Michigan State decided to be observers instead of participants. We’ll let Joey Dorsey start us off:


Derrick Rose, take us home:

It’s not often you see a reverse cradle dunk in a Big Dance game — unless it’s a first round 1-seed/16-seed match-up. Hopefully, tonight’s action provides some similar fireworks; a definite possibility when you consider the Louisville/North Carolina match-up.