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Durrell Summers

Now that the nets have been cut down — congratulations, North Carolina — college basketball begins its fade into the forgotten fog, making way for all things Major League Baseball, NBA Playoffs and Tiger Woods (NASCAR, too). Before we close the book on the 08/09 season, one more trip down memory lane can’t hurt. While reactions to this year’s tournament was fairly lukewarm — apparently, chalk tourneys are kind of boring — there were some stand-out moments, especially in the dunk department — especially, especially when Blake Griffin was playing.

With that in mind, here are a collection of what I found to be the best dunks of the now-Carolina-crowned NCAA Tournament. You’ve probably seen most of these a ton of times, but that should make your decision that much easier. What we have are five dunks for you to pick from and vote for. Which one do you think was the best dunk of the tournament?

Blake Griffin’s “I’ll show you how to dunk, Jonny Flynn” dunk:

Durrell Summers bringing the house down against Stanley Robinson:

Stanley Robinson’s nasty put-back in the same game:

Blake Griffin’s “backboard” dunk:

Elliot Williams dunks all over Villanova:

Some enterprising YouTuber put a collection together that included all these dunks, and if said video uploader had better video graphic editing skills, I would’ve just ran his video instead. Maybe one day, these youngsters will learn not all video graphics are good video graphics. If you like to see all of these dunks in one video, you can do so here. Personally, I like the individual touch myself, and that’s not just because of poor homemade video graphics.

Hell, who am I kidding? I just like stretching the page to make it look like I’ve done more work. Truth be told, I didn’t find the collection video until after I found them individually, so I didn’t bother to alter the post. Anyway, who you got as the best dunk in the tournament? Am I forgetting one or two? If so, let me know.

Happy voting.