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So yeah, I’m a little late to this party, but it only matters that you arrive, not when. Anyway, this is Duke’s “theme” for their 2009/10 basketball team, one they debuted at last Friday’s Madness celebration. While the reaction from Duke fans has been fairly positive (A framed version of this poster? Really?), outside of Durham, folks don’t seem to share the same excitement.

In fact, some folks question the, um, sexual preference of this very poster, insinuating it likes same-sex partners.

As for me, the non-Duke fan in me has this reaction:

But the side of me that appreciates a good marketing scheme does kind of enjoy the “risk” Duke basketball is taking with such a poster. Granted, the risk I’m talking about is ridicule; although, apparently that doesn’t matter to stud recruit Kyrie Irving, who appears ready to cast his four year (yeah, right) lot to Coach K and the rest of Cameron Indoor Stadium.