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Gerald Henderson

I admit, I was skeptical when I saw the Duke Blue Devils ranked in the preseason top 5, but it appears as if my reservations were, if anything, premature. Granted, it’s still too early to tell much of anything about the state of the college basketball world a week-plus into the season, but it does look like Duke deserved the attention.

Last night, during their game against the Southern Illinois Salukis, the Blue Devils put on an offensive display that included two nasty dunks, one from Gerald Henderson and the other from Nolan Smith. If this is the type of offensive attack we can expect from Duke all season, they might actually be able to challenge North Carolina in the ACC and perhaps get past the Sweet 16, something the Blue Devils haven’t done since the 2003-04 season.

Anyway, I promised you dunkers and that’s what I’ve got. First off, sophomore Nolan Smith’s nice breakaway finish:

And Gerald Henderson’s nasty, nasty flush, courtesy of a nifty courtside video. Great timing on the catch (the video taker, not Henderson):

Not only can Duke shoot the ball, they have some athletes that can take it to the cup and finish with some spectacular authority.