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In case you missed it, there’s a rivalry game of some not on a certain sports channel tonight. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Duke/North Carolina? It’s only the biggest rivalry in the known universe; and so, with that in mind, here are some of the gems the Duke/Carolina games have given us over the years.

Remember Jerry Stackhouse? Of course you do.

How about Gerald Henderson dunking Tyler Hansbrough’s nose — if, by dunking, I mean “absolutely smashing?”

One thing I’ve noticed is most of the YouTube highlights are geared toward the Tar Heels spectrum. Hell, there’s even a reel of Michael Jordan highlights against the Blue Devils. Granted, they are all from one game, but it brings a smile to the face to see a young Jordan and a young Brad Daugherty running around in baby blue jerseys and short-shorts.

For the Dookies out there, there’s always Jeff Capel, but like The Dagger kindly reminds us, Duke lost the game in question.

What does tonight’s Duke/Carolina game come down to? For one Duke blogger, it’s all about making shots:

For Duke they simply need to shoot the ball better and stay out of foul trouble in this game. As a team they can’t rely on Gerald Henderson and Kyle Singler scoring all the points. A player like Greg Paulus or Jon Scheyer needs to step up and score twenty or so points to really help out. If the Blue Devils can knock down some early shots and cause turnovers I think they have a good chance at winning this game. They cannot play as bad as they did against Clemson and Miami last week or this will be a very long night at home against the team they want to beat the most every season.

While some Carolina fans worry about the officiating:

Secondly, the officiating will be crucial tonight. I am never one to blame the referees for a loss. However it is foolish to think certain officials will not influence how this game unfolds. During the game at Duke last season, the crew which found some way to officiate an entire 40 minutes and not find a Duke foul on Hansbrough was: Karl Hess, Roger Ayers and Ted Valentine. The game at Wake Forest which had a ton of fouls called had Hess, Jamie Luckie and Bernard Clifton. Luckie was the official who massively screwed up in the NCSU-VT game on Sunday. So it will be interesting to see which officials are assigned though I can tell you Karl Hess has done back to back games already this week…

If the game plays out like anything I’ve listed above, we’ll have broken noses, nasty dunks and prayer shots answered — not to mention a potential referee “conspiracy” if the wrong crew calls the game with a bunch of fouls. All-in-all, it sounds like another good college basketball rivalry game. Too bad ESPN has to hype it so much, they almost suck the enjoyment out of it.