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Well, it wasn’t the Game of the Century of the Year of the Week it was pumped up to be, but Carolina/Duke did provide us with an entertaining college basketball game. While there were no official teabags handed out to Greg Paulus, the Tar Heels, behind the quicksilver-like skills of Ty Lawson, rolled the Blue Devils in Cameron to the tune of 101-87. While most of the damage was done by Lawson and his 21-second half points, Duke was also exposed some.

In the first half, when the Blue Devils were hitting threes (6-9), they stayed in game, even taking an eight point lead with them to the locker room at the end of the first half. In the second half, however, Duke couldn’t hit the ocean from the beach as they shot a miserable 2-15 from behind the arc. Anemic shooting halves like that often lead to 14-point home losses. They can also cause a team known for its postseason success to struggle to get past the Sweet 16, something Duke hasn’t done since J.J. Redick’s freshman season.

And therein lies the problem of coaching a jump shooting team. When they make shots, they’re easy to coach but when they don’t — and, as in the case with Duke — lack an inside game of note, beatdowns like last night’s happen.

As for the Tar Heels, word is when Lawson plays like he did in the second half, they are the best team in the country. The problem with that is, Lawson won’t be playing against someone who can’t guard him — Greg Paulus — every time he hits the floor. Nevertheless, give credit where it’s due: Carolina scored a huge win, helping Tyler Hansbrough and Danny Green go 4-0 in Cameron Indoor for their collegiate career, and they outclassed Duke in the process.