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Duke, Carolina Fans

I’ll pose the same kinds of questions I asked about Brook and Robin Lopez: What happens to the basketball universe if Duke and North Carolina lose on the same night? Does the basketball universe cease to exist? Does ESPN pull the plug on their upcoming “the best rivalry in sports” love fest? Does Roy Williams start feeling heat as his team continues to disappoint? What about Duke? Do people start re-piling on Jon Scheyer, provider of one of the best sports faces, maybe ever? Or did they ever stop?

After last night’s failure — especially for the Tar Heels — it appears as if the college basketball world is still turning, although, I think non-fans are enjoying themselves a little more.

While Duke’s loss is a little less surprising (a road loss to a decent NC State team), there’s little doubt people still take joy in watching the Blue Devils fall. Carolina’s home beatdown at the hands of Wake Forest, on the other hand, is little more surprising. Nobody expected the Heels to be, well, this average. Because of their recent play (three straight losses, four out of five), the Tar Heels find themselves in an unfamiliar spot for a defending National Champion: directly on the bubble.

Currently, the Heels are 12-7 (1-3 in ACC play). In order to get invited, Roy’s boys are going to have to win at least nine conference games, meaning they need to go 8-4 over their last 12 games. Is that even possible with the all-of-a-sudden pedestrian Tar Heels? Considering just how “up” opposing teams are going to be for North Carolina — especially now that they smell baby-blue blood in the water — it’s going to be a hard road for them to travel, especially when they have problems shooting the ball. Fans, however, are not giving up on their Heels.

Now we get to see if they will have something the cheer for.