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Tim Floyd

Or, “The Other Wildcats Want Tim Floyd.” Either one would work. In case you don’t know what I’m babbling about, the Arizona Wildcats have offered their head coaching position to USC’s Tim Floyd — on a non-interim basis — although, unlike a recent hire for another Wildcats team, there was no “door love” waiting for Floyd to make his decision. No “The Door” Facebook pages or anything remotely close to the Calipari/Kentucky hubbub we just sat through.

Nevertheless, the west coast Wildcats have targeted their man, viral popularity explosions of athletic department doors be damned. As long as Floyd can continue to get the O.J. Mayos and DeMar DeRozans of the world, everybody concerned should be pleased — provided he accepts their offer to leave Los Angeles.

Apparently, Floyd has 24 hours to accept or decline Arizona’s offer.