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If you get the opportunity to discuss salaries with UConn’s Jim Calhoun, you better make sure you have your facts in order. Just ask Ken Krayeske, a freelance writer who is also a student of UConn’s law school. When it was Krayeske’s chance to ask the head coach a question, he decided to focus on Calhoun’s salary instead of, say, basketball. The results — and Calhoun’s reaction — was priceless.

The lesson here is don’t bring financial questions to a press conference unless you have the facts to back up your statement — at least when it comes to UConn’s head coach. Calhoun indicated his basketball program generated $12 million for the university and therefore, his salary should be a non-issue. From Krayeske’s point of view, I’m sure the question made perfect sense. The US economy is in shambles and the state of Connecticut isn’t immune, having some huge budgetary issues to address.

Nevertheless, Calhoun generates a lot of money for the UConn and should be awarded as such.