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While Dirk Minnifield was playing for the University of Kentucky, he threw down one of the best dunks I’ve ever seen in a college basketball game. Better, even, than Chris Wright’s from last week. The above video supports my position.

Now, the former Wildcat/NBA journeyman is in trouble for his part in $10 million worth or home mortgage shenanigans, showing incredible timing on Minnifield’s part, considering just about every mortgage house went broke a little over a month ago.

The Courier-Journal has more:

The indictment alleges Minniefield was a real estate agent in fraudulent home loans designed to secure payments for expensive upgrades that were never performed. The indictment claims he represented buyers even though he never met them and they never visited the properties they were supposedly buying.

Minniefield also is accused of contacting the sellers’ agents to propose language that would increase the sales prices of homes by including a substantial payment for the renovations.

Minnifield is charged with wire fraud-related offenses and he, along with his cohorts, face significant jail time and the potential for substantial fines. Once again, brilliant timing on the Minnifield gang’s part. With economy being how it is, especially the housing market, it wouldn’t be a bit surprising to see the group get hit with the maximum penalty.

At least no one will be able to take Minnifield’s dunk away from him, because if he’s found guilty, that’s about all he’ll have left.

H/t to Kentucky Sports Radio for the find.