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Dexter Pittman

The Urban Dictionary defines the term “All that is man” as “title applied to men who have reached the peak of masculinity, ex: firemen, lumberjacks, ironmen, navy seals.” Sounds like a perfect description of Dexter Pittman, who is the current definition of the word “beast.” Perhaps this goes without saying — I mean, his listed measurements are 6-10, 290 — but still, sometimes even the obvious needs restating.

Pittman extended his beast-like qualities to another level against the Arkansas Razorbacks last night with this gaudy stat line: 21 points (10-15 shooting) and 10 rebounds. Oh, he also had this beastly dunk to start the second half, but since ESPN doesn’t want us to embed their video, here’s a link (13-second mark).

Granted, the only player the Razorbacks could throw at Pittman was Michael Washington (6-9, 239), and while Washington held his own scoring-wise (14 points), he only had two total rebounds. I’m guessing dragging the likes of Pittman up and down the court limits one’s effectiveness when cleaning the defensive glass.

One thing’s for sure, the upcoming Texas/Kansas basketball game (At Texas on February 8th) is going to be an absolute brawl. I, for one, can’t wait to watch Pittman and Cole Aldridge beat on each other for two-plus hours.