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One thing I love about early basketball: the reintroduction to in-game dunks and the enjoyment associated. Inevitably, the hiatus makes us enjoy the dunk in an “absence makes the heart grow fonder” kind of way, and declare such early dunks as “dunk of the year” and other overreactions. I’m guilty of the same behavior, whether it’s folks like Paul George or the first good dunk of the season is normally met with massive enthusiasm.

Such is the case with Derrick Williams of the Arizona Wildcats. Williams was on the receiving end of a an alley-opp from point guard MoMo Jones, and needless to say, he finished the “opp” part with some unexpected flourish.

Williams’ dunk helped cap an impressive showing from second-year coach Sean Miller, who is looking to get his Wildcats back to the top of the Pac-10, a conference ripe for one of their traditional basketball powers to reclaim their position as one of the best schools on the basketball environment.