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Call DeMarcus

There’s an uber-ly talented freshman playing for John Calipari and the Kentucky Wildcats who is quickly becoming the talk of the town. No, I’m not talking about the Great Wall of Kentucky either. I’m referring to Mister Double-Double, DeMarcus Cousins. Because Cousins is known to have something of a quick, emotional trigger, he’s become the target of opposing fan banter, which is done to throw Cousins off his game.

While I’m not sure the verbal sparring had the same effect as does Cousins getting beat up in the paint, that didn’t stop Mississippi State fans from giving it the old college try. You see, Kentucky plays Mississippi State in Starkville tonight, and to prepare themselves, Bulldogs fans have been contacting Cousins via the accepted manner in today’s society:

On his cell phone.

According to Kyle Veazy of the Clarion-Ledger MSU blog, Cousins’ phone number was posted on Mississippi State message board, which apparently gave Bulldogs fans the green light to bombard his phone with the typical nonsense; although, some State fans were reduced to using that racial epithet everybody knows and loves.

How novel.

To his credit, Cousins maintained a sense of humor about the whole thing; so much so, in fact, he refused to let fan ignorance get to him.

So yeah, does anyone think it’s ironic that these same fans who dropped N-bombs on Cousins’ phone will be cheering widely for Jarvis Varnado when he blocks a Kentucky player’s shot?

Depending on the outcome, it will be interesting to see how Cousins responds after the game.