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Call DeMarcus

Thanks to a hard fought win — courtesy of some questionable calls — Kentucky Wildcats center DeMarcus Cousins got the last word against the Mississippi State fans with a win that was so bitter for Bulldogs fans to swallow, they resorted to pelting the floor with water bottles and other various drink containers. While some of the crowd’s ire was directed at the referees, thanks to little cell phone war between State fans and Cousins, more than a little of their animosity was directed at Cousins and his teammates.

Of course, the fact Cousins reminded the opposing fans to “call me” after a first-half dunk only helped exacerbate the situation.

Yeah, I can see how, after such a tough loss, coupled with the expected razzing of the fans — hey State fans, if you can’t take it the response, perhaps you shouldn’t initiate it — plus a healthy side of questionable referee calls, that Bulldogs fans would be disappointed and even upset. That does not, however, excuse throwing your drinks on the floor.

As for Cousins, the walking double-double machine indicated he would indeed change his phone number now that the Mississippi State fun is over. Can you blame him? If the calls before the game were rough, I can’t imagine what messages would be waiting for him after the game.

As for Mississippi State, apparently, members of the athletic department are none-to-happy about the calls Cousins received. According to last night’s broadcast, university representatives have asked UK officials for the offending phone numbers.