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Much like the NBA/Marvel Comics (the NHL, too) collaboration, the folks over at DC Comics have jumped in on the fun, partnering with Sports Illustrated to bring us their rendition of popular college basketball players. Thanks to Bryan Graham’s Twitpic account, we have a preview of DC is offering.

The first three comics focus on Kansas State’s Jacob Pullen (Beardman), Villanova’s Corey Fisher (Streetball Legend) and BYU’s Jimmer Fredette (Jimmertime), and they all feature a super hero origin story/introduction to the featured player.

Check it out. Pullen’s at the top:


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While I’m partial to the NBA/Marvel versions — What can I say? I grew up as a Marvel fanboy… — I like the origin stories DC’s going with. Instead of trying to connect the players to existing heroes, ala, Marvel and the NBA, DC instead is making each player into their own hero, and the early returns are enjoyable.

Suggestions for future issues:

Jared Sullinger as The Immovable Object

Harrison Barnes as The Premature All American

Brandon Knight as The Basketball Brainiac

Kyle Singler as The Ghost Assassin

Markieff and Marcus Morris as The Smash Brothers

Rotnei Clarke as The Unexpected Marksman Who Will Shoot Your Entire Team Down

I partial to Clarke’s, in case you couldn’t tell. Any suggestions are welcome below. Hell, we encourage it. H/t to the Beadlemaniacs for the find.